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The Airport Security Checkpoint toy is a new level of propaganda which first started with the famous G.I. Joe

Government propaganda has reached a new level of deplorable action through the creation of marketing focused solely on children. According to the Associated Press, the Pentagon is planning on spending over $4.7 billion in pro-war, pro-military propaganda in the United States and abroad, in 2009. (1) While the U.S. economy is in freefall, the Pentagon is spending unfathomable amounts of money on billboards, video games, T.V. serious, commercials, music videos, press releases, and news pundits. (See Video Below)

What I find to be the most disturbing aspect of the Government propaganda is the targeting of the children. Through the use of cartoons and toys, the leaders of tomorrow are being acclimated to the tyrannical police state of the future. Case in Point, the Playmobil Police Checkpoint(2), the Playmobil SWAT Mega set(4), and the Playmobil Airport Security Checkpoint(3). All of these toys are designed to familiarize the children with the police and create a sense of security. Another element of propaganda focused solely on children is the kid friendly Government run websites:

Another Toy for Young Bobby, the Police Check Point!

CIA for Kids –

FBI for Kids –

NSA for Kids –

Children should not be thinking about National Security, or the FBI, or the CIA. Children should embrace the positives in life, not focus on the fear-based psychology of Government propaganda.

A final thought on pro-establishment marketing targeted for Children is the website called Climate Cops. The Climate Cops website use the Global Warming threat to teach kids how to police and govern their friends and family. If people want to teach their children about the dangers of pollution and the positive aspects of sustainability then do it without the use of Government issued authority. Children do not need to be Climate Cops, because it creates an unhealthy authoritative stance on the use of Government issued power over daily life. Why do the kids have to be Cops? Why can’t they be Climate Crusaders, who hand out free flyers, or Caretakers for the Climate? Our children do not need to be young juvenile police officers on a power trip, who think they have the right to dictate their friends and families lives because they stand on the higher moral ground (based on environmental issues). This will surely breed a new level of fascist adults.


SIDENOTE: Read  the Comments on the Amazon page. Priceless.

Video About Pentagon Pundits pushing for more War
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  1. Joel

    February 13, 2009
    9:22 pm

    How about all of the military strategy video games? Halo, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, etc etc etc. The young children (8-15 year olds) are more skilled at “getting their kill” than I ever will be using real tactics for military enforcement.

    Are any of these video games funded by the government?

  2. Cait

    February 13, 2009
    9:47 pm

    I think the Playmobile toys capture perfectly the vacant expressions necessary to not, uh. Un. Sorry, I got distracted looking at the CIA kids’ page. Highlights for Children seems incredibly sinister on a completely different level now.

  3. Adam Smith

    February 13, 2009
    9:52 pm

    Doing very little research, I found out that the Pentagon has invest $50million dollars into video game development for their solider and recruits. The makers of the games for the Army is Ubisoft. Ubisoft also makes a lot of other games, like Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Tenchu Shadow Assassins, Tom Clancy’s HAWX, and Psychokinetic Wars. Ubisoft’s large contract with the Government can pretty much guarantee whatever the Army develops through their systems will be used in other games.

    A good source for more information could be:

  4. Marissa

    February 14, 2009
    1:57 am

    dude thats crazy!! great note adam!

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