Turning the War on Terror Inward

New Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents are shinning light on the direction the ‘War on Terror’ is taking in America. The document entitled Domestic Extremism Lexicon (1) uses broad terms such as ‘alternative media’ and ‘direct action’ to describe would-be terrorist. The document groups together almost anyone who opposes the current government’s policies. From taxes to immigration, from technology to environmentalism the DHS is slowly turning away from ‘Islamic Extremist’ to focus on ‘Homegrown Domestic Terrorist’. The trend has been a recent talking point for media pundits. Many new sources are reporting that Al-Qaeda will probably work with ‘Right-Wing Militias’ or ‘Anti-Government’ groups in the near future. (2, 2.5)

Third Party candidates were recently outraged by the MIAC report (3), which equated people who supported Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin with potential ‘Homegrown Terrorist’. Similar reports have surfaced in Arizona during the Clinton Administration and more recently in Texas and California.

The reality of the current political climate is freighting. Citizens are starting to lose faith in the Government’s ability to help the middle-class and lower-class. The F.E.D. has given over 14 trillion dollars to private banking industries in the past 7 months and the military budget for Middle East occupation is increasing while the unemployment rate has reached well over 9% (4). Obviously the U.S. Citizens who disagree with current policies have a right to voice their opinions, but the DHS seems to disagree. Every one of the DHS terms connects political dissidence with violent radical action. The generalization of political opinions with violence will only fuel the fire for political targeting by police, local Government, and the uninformed American populace.

The Patriot Act, which was passed after 9/11, has been systematically used by the F.B.I. and local law enforcement agencies to subvert to rule of law for U.S. Citizens. The F.B.I. used the Patriot Act to obtain private information about citizens illegally until the Government gave itself retroactive permission spy on all U.S. Citizens (5). A group, which called themselves the ‘RNC Welcoming Committee’, was charged under the Patriot Act for possible disruption of the RNC (6). More recently the Supreme Court has weakened the Fourth Amendment by allowing evidence found during an illegal search. The rule was called the exclusionary rule.

How much more can we take?

The Pentagon will spend $US 4.7 billion and employ 27,000 staff in 2009 for recruitment, advertising and public relations this year, an Associated Press investigation has revealed (8). Think about that for a minute. $4.7 billion dollars to convince the American people that the Wars are going splendid, that the American people who disagree with the Government are terrorist and that the Government is the only savior for the financial crisis. Democracy Now has revealed through in depth interviews that the Pentagon pays for news pundits opinions on Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistani (9). One General sold his good name for only $500,000. That’s cheap to sell a War; Especially for a War that is still continuing today.

Speak Up!

Do not let the DHS scare people from voicing their political opinions. The only way to fight a fascist system is through public rebuking of policies. We are tired of the DHS fear tactics, we are tired of the Pentagon’s pro-war music videos, we are tired of the President’s rendition policies and we can’t be silenced by a PDF!


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