Provocateur till they Pop!

Patsies charged as Homegrown Terrorist.

The current administration is continuing a long history of using provocateurs to pin insubstantial charges on unsuspecting pawns. Take the story of five homegrown Muslim extremists charged with plotting to bomb a synagogue in New York. The most manipulated character in this strange plot, David Williams, claimed the FBI Informant offered to save his dying younger brother by buying a much-needed liver! The FBI Informant, Shahed (Malik) Hussain, was given up $250,000 to appear wealthy and well connected. Another suspect arrest in connection with the alleged bombing was James Cromitie. Kathleen Baynes, a close friend of Cromitie, said Hussain offered to pay his rent and buy him food when he was broke. Baynes also claimed Cromitie was plagued by Hussain and often hid from him when he knocked on the door. Hussain claimed the Islamic faith gave him the power to impose justice through death and goaded the men into agreeing violent action was needed. Multiple people have spoken out on behalf of the four men arrested. The majority of the people claim the four men are kind and were taken advantage of by a FBI Informant.

Now take the basic pattern for a FBI provocateur and instead of having Muslim extremist, apply the pattern to right-wing extremist, same recipe, but different ingredients. An FBI Informant once again infiltrated the group by posing as a member of another militia group and worked to gain their trust. Researching the supposed Christian Militia exposes a group of out of touch military enthusiast who would role-play different scenarios. The scenarios were wide ranging, from the Chinese invading, to Russians and even our own government collapse. The FBI jumped on the groups plan to counter a police arrest and used their military style role-playing to accuse them of plotting against the Government.

FBI Informants and radical extremist are like bread and butter. Another pivotal example would be Hal Turner. Hal Turner, a white-supremacist radio-host who often called for violent action against government officials was arrest for demanding the murder of county judges. In the court hearing Hal Turned testified to being paid by the FBI to rat out local groups, which agreed with his perspective. The FBI also trained Hal on inciting hate by using derogatory terminology toward minorities.

The FBI has an even longer history of sponsored provocateur going back as far as the Black Panther Party. In 1968 the FBI circulated a ‘Black Panther Coloring Book’ which depicted cops as pigs. The FBI did this to create a divide between the non-violent Black Panther group and the police. The book was also used to upset everyday people who knew nothing of the Black Panthers  and only saw this coloring book as their message. The FBI posed as the Black Panthers to discredit the legitimacy of their movement and the same play book is being run today.

Through the use of controlled patsies and controlled media, the Government can hype threats in order to maintain funding, prop-up failed policies, streamline legislation, and control the political dialogue. Don’t assume the front-page headline is a truth. The truth is buried in the back bottom left column.

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