George Orwell’s suite has minibar

DHS has announced they will be broadcasting a message of fear in over 1 million hotels across America. Even though Americans are more likely to die of cancer, heart failure, or a car accident, our Government keeps pushing the message of fear through the guise of ‘Terrorism’. The best way to fight against the ever expanding Police state is to boycott the businesses who work hand in glove with the propaganda. If we as a nation do not stand up and yell ‘STOP’, the programs will continue to increase until they are inescapable. Do you want to be accosted by Government fear mongering while buying groceries, walking your dog, or playing with your kids in the park? Then act now before the program expands!
View the Video HERE


Please take a few moments to contact the hotel chains. If you want copy and paste this canned message:
‘It has come to my attention your facilities will be broadcasting the Department of Homeland Security video throughout the hotel. I plan on boycotting your business until you stop indulging the hyped threat of terrorism in America. Please stop allowing our Government to place propaganda in your privately owned business. Thank you for you time.”


Links to Hotels who are broadcasting the video from DHS:


Merriott –

Sheraton –

Holiday Inn –

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